Hermanas Hospitalarias was founded by Saint Benedict Menni in the 19th century. They formed the founding group that dedicated their lives to providing an answer for a profoundly neglected sector of society: the mentally ill.

The following are some of the guiding principles of order mission:

  • Those suffering are the central focus of the Hospitaller mission.
  • Order healthcare services combine science and humanisation, as sisters seek to provide holistic care for theit patients
  • Sisters are primarily concerned with the financially disadvantaged and the neediest.
  • Respect, defence for life and the principles of ethics and catholic morality are central to the healthcare activity
  • All those who are involved in our work: the sick, their families, workers, volunteers and religious members, form part of the Hospitaller Community.

Actually, the order cover 27 countries with more than 200 InPatient structures with round 16.000 beds.


The Italian structure of Albese (CO) needed a digital solution to manage the whole clinical activities of InPatient Mental Health Department (75 beds), 10 Psychiatric day care, 120 Elderly Age Clinic (aged care), 45 Disability unit and the OutPatient Mental Health Clinic.

Case History

Thanks to wSocialCare, together with a simplified version of wHospital for Mental Health Dept., Albese was able to create a complete set of evaluation features in order to manage long term elderly age clinic with a complete set of evaluation scales as requested by in NHS.

In few months, they started digitalizing the whole process, up to keep in full-digital each evaluation of patient, including all the reimbursement scales requested.

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