Vidas guarantees a complete assistance to the terminally ill, at home and in the hospice “Casa Vidas”, in InPatient and Day Hospice.

1,600 patients assisted annually in Milan, Monza and in 112 cities of the hinterland. Offer 24-hour assistance 24, 365 days a year from socio-medical teams composed of professionals specialized in pain management and palliative care and selected and trained volunteers.

6 the multidisciplinary teams composed of professionals and volunteers: 24 hour service availability guarantee on every day of the year. Each team involves all the professionals necessary to respond to the needs of the patient and the immediate family: doctors, nurses, health workers, social workers, psychologists, physical therapists and volunteers.


Vidas need was to replace two obsolete systems: one for homecare management and on HIS for their InPatient procedures. Systems didn’t communicate each other and the need to manually cross update both databases. Vidas request also to complete its digital journey creating a full digital version of the InPatient and Homecare EMR.

Case History

Today, with the wHospice solution, up to 50 health operators are efficiently integrated and assessed, provided with cForm library, cApp; Vitals, cApp Therapy, cApp Homecare Manager.

All the health operators can access clinical, demographical and administrative data in real time. The app developed for Windows 10 can be accessed online and offline, enabling the operator to receive on the device the list of the homecare activities to be performed.

Some more functions:

  • EMR
  • Data Syncroniation
  • Notes
  • Agenda
  • Agenda of visits
  • Cost-reporting (EXPORT)
  • Management of the entire logistic flow of drugs, ranging from orders placed with suppliers to the arrival of drugs in the central warehouse, and administration to the patient (PHARMA LOGISTIC).

After one year of use, Vidas has compared system performances highlighting following savings:

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This specific care-set is a multidisciplinary approach to specialized medical care for people with life-limiting illnesses. It focuses on providing people with relief from the symptoms, pain, physical stress, and mental stress of the terminal diagnosis.

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