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The Minister of Labour Health and Social Affairs of Georgia is a governmental agency within the Cabinet of Georgia in charge of regulating the healthcare system, labor issues and social security system in Georgia.

Globally, Georgia counts on nearly 674 facilities all over the Country: within these facilities, 180 are independent polyclinics, 51 medical centers, 100 independent dental clinics, 19 women’s consultation centers, 77 dispensaries and 247 independent ambulatories. Of the here mentioned facilities, 265 are inpatient with 14,565 beds able to serve each up to 30,000 people yearly.


In detail, we contributed to boost the National Health Management Information System (HMIS) by delivering a project where wEHR is the core of an overall architecture, that includes:

  • A Central Electronic Medical Record (cEMR) for the collection and sharing of patient information;
  • A Patient Portal, that allows patients to access their medical records, schedule hospital appointments and manage their demographic data;
  • A Doctor Portal, that permits doctors to view a patient’s medical history and also refer patients to Hospitals;
  • A Health Provider Portal, that lets various national hospitals and health providers to access the necessary patient information.


Case History

The project began with the installation of the platform previously described in a pilot unit in Tbilisi on the end of October 2013, after a specific training to members of the government (about 30 people among IT managers, developers and project managers).

MOHLSA is now fully self-sufficient to extend the project to all the 65 municipalities in Georgia (where each municipality administers a municipal health fund) and to most of the emergency care centres for the coverage of populations living in remote places.

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As the platform was designed to be scalable and customizable, wEHR is a cutting-edge technological system that addresses the main issues that a Healthcare System has to deal.

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