ASST Valtellina & Alto Lario


The organization provides, for the mental health needs of the province of Sondrio, territorial psychiatric hospitals and for the adult population and of child and Adolescent Psychiatry, coordinated by the Department of mental health (D.S.M.)

ASST Valtellina and Alto Lario is the unique public operator on a territory of 3211 sq km with population of 182,000 residents; consists of 4 Hospitals and outpatient facilities 7:

  • the Hospitals of Chiavenna, Morbegno, Sondalo and Sondrio with its first aid facilities
  • Territorial health structures of Livigno, Bormio and Tirano
  • Territorial surgeries of Berbenno, Chiesa Valmalenco, Chiuro, Grosio



ASST needed a unique solution to manage patient, enrolled in palliative care pathways, at their own premise. A mandatory requirement was to have a unique point of access both in hospital and outside and to manage NHS reimbursement requirements.

Case History

wHomecare was developed to address the major issue of the clinical pathways: the lack of connectivity. In order to maintain a direct connection with central server EPR, the system is able to disconnect operators, transferring clinical data according to their agenda, and synchronize back guaranteeing data privacy and processes completion.

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Our main goals in implementing this solution were to digitalize the whole process of assistance and homecare performances, granting improved services and an effective management and minimization of the clinical risk.

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