wHospital® is the first first web-based, customizable and scalable clinical record realized to completely dematerialize hospital clinical data.

This solution can manage the clinical risk during the in-hospital care process, in compliance with national and international laws and with Joint Commission International standards.

wHospital® stands as a substitute of paper clinical report for the inpatient, outpatient, day hospital and day surgery units:

wHospital® InPatient

For hospitalization units – provides the tools for digitally managing all activities related to each patient’s care throughout the entire process, from the hospitalization to the discharge.

wHospital® OutPatient

For Day Hospital and Day Surgery operational units, clinics and health centers – manages care processes that are extended in time: from the ambulatory services to the therapy follow ups, granting the continuity of the care also to chronic patients. The system can be integrated with Scheduler for establishing patients lists for those who have booked a visit.

wHospital® is designed to adjust to the different frameworks of Hospital Organizations, Departments, Directors’ Offices, Simple and Complex Organizations, in order to respect their internal competences and resources structure and to meet the needs of each department’s clinical records.

The platform allows to project, design tailored data models, and data enter interfaces.

The introduction of a native integration engine based on WebServices and international standards such as HL7 and XDS allows wHospital® to easily communicate with all departmental systems proper of a Hospital Information System.

Main features

Medical functionality

  • Compiling of admission and routine papers: medical history, objective exam, clinical diary, patient overview.
  • Establishment of the therapy plan with prescription of pharmaceutical therapies, planning of cyclical care and follow-ups, check of the accuracy of the therapy.
  • Management of exams requests with import and evaluation of requests for radiology and laboratory (hemato-chemical, microbiological, anatomo-pathological, etc…) tests, or experts’ opinions and specialist’s visits.
  • Monitoring vital signs with definition and plan of weekly measurements, data enter and view of structured results.

Nursing functionality

  • Compiling of the papers for initial evaluation, nurse admission and assistance diary.
  • Management of the patient needs, nursing activities planning and input, and management of the assistance load.
  • Therapy administration and record of any missed administration with the relative reason.
  • Management of forms for evaluation, calculation of nutritional risk, risk of falling and of injuries, and set up and management of new evaluation scales.

Management and analytics functionality

  • Users outline with role recognition and reserved access to the sections created for that specific profile (doctor, nurse, psychologist, physiotherapist, hospital administration, technical support, pharmacist, etc…).
  • Possibility of printing clinical records and reports.
  • Hospital drugs handbook integrated with Pharma database, and department handbook for the management of the unit drugs warehouse.
  • In-depth reporting functions for the analysis of the costs of the executed performances, of the epidemic trend, etc.
  • Internal messaging system for the communication between different users.


Complete knowledge of the patient’s clinical history

  • Access to digital clinical records from previous hospitalizations managed by the system
  • Simultaneous view of vital signs trend, exams results and ongoing therapies for the real-time evaluation of the therapy effectiveness
  • Management of complex hospital organizations so that a doctor can check all of his patients from one single interface even when they belong to different operational units

Reliability, efficiency and promptness

  • Thanks to the fact that data are entered once for all by those who generate them, for clinical used repeated in time, leading to quality improvement and an implicit check of their validity
  • Reduction of the time needed to transfer data across the sub-units thanks to the optimization of information flows

Legal validity of all information

  • Documents that have been digitally signed are archived through a double backup system, a local and a centralized one
  • Management of the versioning of data also in case they were entered wrong the first time.

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IEO (European Institute of Oncology) is the leading Italian hospital in the oncology field with one of the most innovative research centre in Europe.

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