wHomeCare solution was created thanks to the exponential growth and heavy use of mobile technologies and devices, exploiting the collaboration with important partners active in the homecare environment.

Our main goals in implementing this solution were to digitalize the whole process of assistance and homecare performances, granting improved services and an effective management and minimization of the clinical risk.

In particular:

  • Provide users who work in mobility with real time access to updated clinical, personal and administrative data
  • Provide the users with a communication tool for sharing information
  • Acquire useful data for the measuring and processing of clinical, process and quality indicators for checking the adequacy and pertinence of homecare assistance performance
  • Substitute paper documentation with a completely paperless process
  • Reduce clinical risk through the introduction of alerts


Main features

  • Processes of reception and taking in charge of patients
  • Scheduling of interventions at patients’ place and reporting of each access
  • Reporting the actual execution of the performance and the duration of the access
  • Patient and user agendas
  • Recalibration of the frequency of week visits
  • Compiling the Healthcare Medical Record
  • Reporting every activity performed for the patient
  • Management of the entire logistic stream of the drug from the order to suppliers, to the delivery to the warehouse, to the administration to the patient


The introduction of a system for managing homecare assistance allows improving assistance possibilities, monitoring both patients’ issues and their economic implications, for a constant evaluation of efficiency and resources usage.


Cost reduction

  • Medical costs: reduction of the cost of medical processes (performed in short time and with low costs), of specialized performances, of drug logistics (both in warehouses and in laboratories).
  • Resources costs: digital management of the reporting process and of the reimbursements (eg. In the Homecare context).
  • Legal costs: reduction of the costs of legal proceeds related to document falsification.


Performance based contracting

(The payment occurs in relation to the results of the healthcare services performed)


Reduction of the clinical risk


Possibility of integration with existing applications and systems


Possibility of customization and programming

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The organization provides, for the mental health needs of the province of Sondrio, territorial psychiatric hospitals and for the adult population and of child and Adolescent Psychiatry, coordinated by the Department of mental health (D.S.M.)

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