wEHR is the solution provided by wHealth Framework for a new approach to Centralized Electronic Health Record, both at regional and at national level.

As the platform was designed to be scalable and customizable, wEHR is a cutting-edge technological system that addresses the main issues that a Healthcare System has to deal.

With helping to reach:

  • Wider accessibility and high quality assistance for citizens
  • More efficient technologies for Healthcare professionals that operate locally, and advanced healthcare services for everyone


Main features

wEHR® is the core component of a platform that may also include:

A Centralized Electronic Health Record

For gathering and sharing patient information;

A Patient Portal

Which allows patients to:

  • Access their Health Record
  • Schedule hospital visits (e.g. ambulatory visits)
  • Manage their own demographic data

A Doctor Portal

For General Practitioners to access the information in the Patient Record (e.g. reports of past ambulatory visits), in compliance with privacy and confidentiality legislation of the Country where they are operating

A Health Provider Portal

To which regional and national hospital are connected, providing them with the access to the Patient Record, in compliance with the legislation mentioned above.



wEHR mission is to reduce mistakes in the transfer from paper documentation to electronic health records, with the possibility of undertaking clinical investigations with better data governance, control and understanding of those dynamics linked to the whole healthcare system, providing a new approach to the transformation of the health system as a whole.

Benefits for the Organization are consistent and are not felt only by local Hospitals, as they also increase checks and Central Governance at national level.

Just to give some examples, benefits are:

  • Remote collection of demographic data on the patient up to the set-up of a national demographic registry
  • Ranging from the implementation of a hospital clinical record to the sharing of clinical contents on a record centrally stored in the Organization’s facility
  • General Practitioners access to the portal, which lets them manage their own patients and the cross-hospital sharing of electronic clinical records of those patients, according to coherent internal policies and in compliance with the legislation

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MoLHSA Georgia Republic

The Minister of Labour Health and Social Affairs of Georgia is a governmental agency within the Cabinet of Georgia in charge of regulating the healthcare system, labor issues and social security system in Georgia.

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