Thanks to wHealth® API Manager Software Houses, Hospitals, Clinical IT users, Universities and so on… can develop any type of clinical application, ready to be installed in wHealth® Framework, thus contributing to the realization of a customized “Clinical Operating System”.

When the wHealth® FX concept was founded, the first thing it was kept in mid was that we couldn’t digitalize ourselves each Clinical Process for two main reasons:

  • The high number of clinical processes
  • The customisation of each clinical process in each clinical context.

This is why wHealth® works like a Clinical-Application Community.


Clients are part of the wHealth Community, not only because they represent the final users of our Platform but also because they are those constantly contributing to the improvement of Platform’s functionalities both through our System Integration Partners but also through the work of their Internal IT that most of the times is trained to respond to clinical requests by directly developing cForms and cApps through the wHealth® SDK.

Channel Partners

wHealth can be resold and customised by its certified Partners who we classify in 3 categories:

wHealth Reseller Partner

Able to give its Clients technical and value added consultancy on our Framework and on the available cApps and cForms. wHealth Reseller Partner is not authorised to integrate our software.

wHealth Silver Partner

Partner has gained all sales and technical wHealth certification and is ready to offer our client its skills and knowledge about how to integrate and develop new cApps on the framework.

wHealth Gold Partner

Is a wHealth experienced integrator and has already developed a certain amount of applications on our framework.

Tecnology Partners

Within our Community we include software independent vendor who already worked on an integration with our framework and that can contribute with specific vertical solutions.

Following some of our most reliable Technology Partners:


  • Alfresco
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Opentext Documentum


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure


  • J4Care
  • Medas
  • Reconice Speech Recognition
  • Tesi Clinical Imaging