wHealth is a product by Lutech Group, that offers software solutions to digitalize the Healthcare System.

Our software was established in early 2000 as an academic research project of the Politecnico di Milano to study the feasibility of managing total dematerialisation of hard copy clinical documents.

The aim of wHealth is to provide the market with advanced solutions, both from technological and user experience point of view and to give to our customers the possibility to choose within our network the partner that best fits their needs.

wHealth helps to move the focus from treat to take care of the patient thanks to a unique platform that manages different complexity levels: from the single physician to the small facility, from the ward to home-care service, from the big hospital group to Regions up to Nations, facilitating information’s access and treatment in compliance with legislations and placing the patient at the center of the process.

wHealth can be easily integrated and it is highly configurable and allows to third partners to create cApps and cForms on the platform, helping the Customer to create a customized instrument, with the assurance of a forefront product.